Flash Figures is a configurable, mobile ready platform with the purpose of making various business figures and facts available to authorised users on their mobile device(s) or as automatically generated reports. The platform also supports balancing of facts using simple or complex mathematical expressions.

Watch the demo video and see how easy it is to use.

Mobile viewer application


An IOS and Android mobile application provides a convenient means of accessing the data at any time and place, the app also makes sense of the data and presents it in a meaningful way that is user friendly. Various views sort data into logical areas, provide analytic and allow a high level totals overview with controls for drilling down and further for data analysis and comparisons.


In order to access any facts, the user must first be authorised to the platform and login using his/her username and password. The mobile app supports multiple servers or instances, this way an organization has a choice of running in the cloud or on premises, a server selection is made at the time of login.

Mobile application menu & features


From the main application menu, the users can access various data views and features, each view has further controls to allow additional interactions with the view.



ush notifications are supported by the platform backend and mobile application, individual users can be targeted for notifications or all users within an organization.


Defined business facts are configured for an organization and loaded into the platform. Role based authorization is applied to individual facts and can be used to limit what facts are viewable by each authenticated user.


A deep organizational structure, such as division, region, branch etc. can also be configured, further role based restrictions can be applied based on the organizational hierarchy. The platform can be configured such that a branch manager can only see facts for his branch, while a regional manager can see all totals and individual branches belonging in his authorised region or division.


A mobile application for both Android and IOS exists that provides visibility of the defined facts to authorised users and provides various controls for viewing and analyzing the current or historical data, viewing balancing exceptions, KPI charts, geo locations and maps etc.


A common and clearly defined set of REST web services supporting both XML and JSON as the transfer format, provide a means of loading and retrieving the data from the platform backend.


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